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Logan's Run and Wonder Woman?

WonderWoman.jpgI'm not sure if either of the projects are any closer for Nicolas Winding Refn, but he's certainly still being asked about them and he's still keen to discuss them, and he's been doing just that, keeping the idea alive for a remake of the classic Logan's Run and for a new Wonder Woman feature film.

We've heard a lot about both films, they're recent pasts have been chequered with names of writers, directors and stories, and haven't really moved any further forward. That might still be the case, but Refn is still talking.

Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling have been the latest attached to the Logan's Run remake and they've been talking about the project a fair bit. Still though, they are waiting for the right treatment and style before even considering moving the project forward, and that still seems to be the case as nothing new has come out when it was mentioned at a screening of Drive recently in London.

The Playlist through First Showing had a chance to hear from the director during the screening and he was obviously directly asked about the possibility of a Wonder Woman film. Now bear in mind that so far he's only mentioned it himself saying that he'd like to make a Wonder Woman film, not that anyone has actually come up to him and offered him the job, not yet anyway.

That's still the case as he says Warner Bros. are yet to call, but he's still keen:

"I would love to make Wonder Woman. And I also think that Christina Hendricks would be the perfect Wonder Woman, but Warner Bros haven't called yet. But I'm getting closer with Logan's Run. I think someone said to me in a meeting that if I get Logan's Run right, then I'll get Wonder Woman."

Well considering the studio haven't actually called him I'm surprised that they're even discussing the possibility in a meeting, which was undoubtedly a meeting for something else and perhaps wasn't even Warner Bros. I'm not denying Refn the chance to market himself, obviously as I'm writing this article, but that's what he's doing, pitching the idea to the studio, and maybe they'll bite.

That said I don't think it's up to whether he does a good job on Logan's Run or not, although that will be a strong indicator, I think it's whether the Wonder Woman television series works or goes the way of Bionic Woman, which was showing some strong promise.

Interesting choice though, Christina Hendricks for Wonder Woman, what do you think?

The more interesting part of the story is missing though. Where's Logan's Run? What's happening with the script? Are they any closer to moving forward with it?



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