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Oldboy gains Josh Brolin, getting better?

JoshBrolin.jpgOkay, this is really happening. We heard that Spike Lee is directing the remake of Oldboy just recently, confirming that it really was going ahead, and if that wasn't enough we heard just yesterday a rumour that someone from inside Christian Bale's team might be considering Oldboy as one of his potential next roles, a lot of rumour and conjecture there, well there's more news of casting today.

With the role of the baddie being credited to Bale, someone has signed up for the lead role and it's not the previously rumoured Will Smith, which is a surprise.

Mind you, considering Will Smith was attached to the project way back when Steven Spielberg was also considering it and they both moved away from it I'm not really that surprised, I didn't think we were going to see him on another incarnation of the project.

The latest news is that Josh Brolin is the man for the lead in the remake of Park Chan-Wook's classic film Oldboy (Filmstalker review), also to be called Oldboy, well so far anyway.

Mark Protosevich has written the recent script, and if we look back on his career we'll see The Cell, Poseiden, I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), the story for Thor (Filmstalker review) and Jurassic Park IV, although that's forward but never mind. You can see there's some strong writing talent there and perhaps he could pull off a Hollywood script for Oldboy, still I know that most of the Oldboy fans will be wondering if that really is possible.

So with Deadline telling us that Josh Brolin is signed up for the lead, the rumour of a possible Christian Bale still hanging in the background, the project doesn't look like it's going away, it does look like Hollywood are remaking Oldboy.

Bale, if he signed, would be playing the role of the man behind the mysterious imprisoning of the character played by Brolin, an imprisonment that lasts some fifteen years. With no explanation of why, no understanding, he is just locked up, fed, given a television, and left without even a word. Then one day he's released into the world to find his fate.

I've always found the idea unbelievable because of the story of Oldboy and what it contains, I mean for those of you who haven't seen it there will still be a big surprise to be had, but existing fans will surely be able to do little more than a comparison. What could there possibly be in a new version for people who have seen the original? Could Protosevich have written a new script with something new and as surprising for the existing fans?

Well we heard from early on in this project that this version will be going to the comic series for its story, and The Playlist tells us that Protosevich's script stays with that comic while taking some influence from the film as well. The comic has rather different motivations and a slightly different story points than the film, and so right now we don't really know which way it will go. Mind you a plot blurb we heard was from the new story sounded very similar.

Is it sounding any more promising at this stage?



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