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Update: Puncture trailer suggests more?

ChrisEvans.jpgI'm not sure if the trailer for Puncture is offering us more of the same normal courtroom drama, with a man and a business on the edge of losing everything, taking on a case far too big for them, and getting themselves in tons of hot water, but probably by the very nature of who they are they'll make it out the other end, or...

Is it going to deliver a courtroom drama that turns out to be a strong thriller with an equally strong character performance from Chris Evans who will power home the drama/thriller and guarantee to deliver some surprises on the way, not least being his performance.

I do think that Chris Evans is rather underused, and indeed pegged in the wrong hole, and it's hard not to do that to be honest, I see him and do think he's going to have a cheeky grin and deliver a cool one liner while making sure you can see his defined muscles at some point.

However like many actors who are pegged as one thing he really is an actor, and given a role he can deliver something else. He's done it before and with Puncture he looks set to do it again.

I'm not sure which way the film Puncture will go, and I'm probably uncertain because we've seen films like this before promise something different and then fail to deliver when we get to the cinema. I'm hoping this is different because the trailer does suggest it is.

Here's the blurb for Puncture directed by Adam Kassen and Mark and written by Chris Lopata:

In Puncture, tattooed and drug-addicted townie Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) has more than his share of personal demons, but can he straighten up long enough to lead a renegade safety-needle inventor to victory against a monopolizing medical supply corporation? This David-and-Goliath legal drama, based on a true story, exposes the corruption and kickback schemes threatening the lives of millions of health care workers.

Now, here's the trailer which features Chris Evans in a leading role that is making sure we remember there's more to him than that cheeky grin and muscles, although both make an appearance here too.

Update: Here's the high definition trailer from Apple Trailers.



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