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Tower Heist new International trailer

TowerHeist.jpgFor half of the trailer I was just thinking this was exactly the same as the previous, although there are a couple of recut lines of dialogue to keep them snappier or fully explain a joke, it's still pretty much the same. Then came a montage of new shots from the film before closing with the same joke as the others.

I'm still not sure how to take the new trailer for Tower Heist, but safe to say that it's going to be exciting judging from this trailer anyway, there's more than the team bungling around.

Tower Heist is the story of the employees of an exclusive apartment building who have their pensions defrauded by the man who owns the building and lives in the penthouse. He's sitting there with his money stashed away, guarded by the FBI awaiting trial. Meanwhile the employees are broke and jobless.

The ex-concierge is loyal to his staff and decides to put together a plan to rob the penthouse and find the location of the hidden money, steal it, and divide it and return the pensions to the employees.

Sounds good, and with a team led by Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Michael Peña and Gabourey Sidibe coupled with ex-con played by the much missed Eddie Murphy to rob the ex-boss played by Alan Alda, right under the noses of FBI Agent played by Téa Leoni, there's definitely a good cast there. How many times did I say "played by"?

The film though is directed by Brett Ratner, and that's the bit I'm not so sure about. We can hope that he's going to deliver one of his stronger films, and the suggestion here so far is that he has all the ingredients to do so.

Here's the new trailer for Tower Heist:



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