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Closed: Win tickets to Super 8 outdoor screenings

Super8.jpgHave you seen the superb Super 8 from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg? Want to see it again on a big screen outside in the open air? Well I have four pairs of tickets to give away to outdoor screenings of the film exclusively from RBS Film First.

Even better, the screenings are for RBS Current Account holders only but not these tickets. These four free tickets are available to Filmstalker readers whether you are with RBS or not, you cannot buy these tickets unless you're with RBS, and you could get them for free.

If you haven't seen Super 8 (Filmstalker review) yet, I recommend you take a look at the non-spoiler review I've written, or take a chance when I tell you that it's a really good film and combines J.J. Abrams with Steven Spielberg superbly well. There's something there for everyone, and you'll thoroughly enjoy it.

What's more is that you'll be watching it at an outdoor screening, in a special location, for free, all courtesy of Filmstalker and RBS Film First.

There are two screenings for Super 8 through RBS Film First, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. In Edinburgh you'll be watching the film in the grounds of Hopetoun House on Thursday the 18th August 2011, and in Glasgow you'll be sitting down in Pollock Country Park on Thursday 25th August 2011. Apparently you can even take your own picnic to enjoy while you watch the film, perfect.

How to enter? Well that's simple. As usual you have to enter through this page, nowhere else, you have to have a UK postal address, and be able to select the link below to send your answer and address in to Filmstalker.

Here's the question you need to answer in order to win two tickets for either screening:

What was the name of Stephen Spielberg's other famous alien film from the 80's? Is it:
  1. BT
  2. ET
  3. R2D2

It's a really hard question I know. Actually I would have made it harder, so you're getting it easy this time around.

To enter the draw to win a pair of tickets just select one of the following links. This one for the Edinburgh screenings...

...and this one for the Glasgow screenings...

This competition is now closed

...and make sure your email includes your answer and your postal address. Winners will receive their tickets via email, and the closing date is this Sunday the 14th at midnight GMT.

This isn't the only screening from RBS Film First, they'll be offering preview screenings very soon and I hope to bring you more on that as the dates come closer. In the meantime you can find out more about them over at their website http://www.rbs.co.uk/filmfirst, on Twitter following RBS_filmfirst, or on Facebook under RBSfilmfirst.

Get entering and good luck, you definitely want to see Super 8 (Filmstalker review), and if you can see it for free at an exclusive outdoor screening such as this, then you better get your skates on.



Why dont I live in Scotland?!?!?!


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