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BBC's Conviction adapted for film with Bettany and Cox

BrianCox.jpgThe BBC's mini-series Conviction is going to be remade for film and is gaining a rather interesting cast line-up as well as keeping it very British in the process.

The series followed two policemen investigating the murder of a twelve year old girl and looked at the idea that everyone has the ability and power to kill anyone; it just depends on the motivation.

The mini-series Conviction is going to be made into a film called Blood and so far we've heard it will star Paul Bettany, Brian Cox and Stephen Graham. It's to be directed by Nick Murphy who away from television has directed The Awakening, the upcoming supernatural thriller that he co-wrote with Stephen Volk and starring Rebecca Hall, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton. You can see the trailer for The Awakening here on Filmstalker.

The original six episodes were written by Bill Gallagher who you can credit with some good television writing, including six episodes of The Prisoner remake, and according to Screen Daily through The Playlist is going to be writing the film adaptation, Blood.

Now while some will have a right go at The Prisoner remake, creatively it was very cleverly done and I thought was a big project for someone to tackle. Gallagher produced an excellent script that modernised the story well without losing sight of the core of the original series, and if you're going to criticise the remake I would ask if you've seen the original of late.

Anyway, let's get back to Blood. The film is a production with BBC Films, the BFI and Neal Street Productions, so it's an all British adaptation, and since some of the strongest scriptwriting in Britain is appearing in mini-series, and has been for some time, why not continue to adapt the mini-series for film?

Blood looks like it's already started off with an excellent cast and with the original writer and keeping the production as British as possible, this could work out rather well.



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