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Donaldson's thriller Justice gains trailer

GuyPearce.jpgGuy Pearce, why don't we see him in more films? Roger Donaldson's new thriller is called Justice and features Pearce as well as Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Harold Perrineau and Xander Berkeley. The story reminds me of some of the older thrillers from days past, thrillers that I could see being remade today such as The Star Chamber but mixed with frantic, bigger and better action sequences of today's action films.

The last part is not a plus for me, but still the film looks like it could be a lot of fun, and anytime we get to see Guy Pearce acting it's a good thing. Talking of acting, it looks like Cage is on the ball too.

Justice tells a story of a man whose wife is brutally attacked, and while he waits in the hospital a well dressed business man, a complete stranger, offers his help. He belongs to an organisation that will seek the revenge that he can't seek himself, in return for a future favour.

The future favour turns out to be something much bigger than he first thought, and now he's part of a secret organisation that includes all elements of society, including the police who he's now on the run from.

The film does look like it's trying to get back to the core of thrillers, but it's not scared to through in those unashamed action sequences. I wonder which will ultimately win for the audience, will this be a strong thriller with action, or another action film to add to Nicolas Cage's list?

Roger Donaldson is the fact here that makes me hope for more. He's directed some good films from The Bank Job (Filmstalker review) back to the stunning No Way Out. On the way let's not forget Thirteen Days.

He's an excellent director, and with the names on this list I'm seriously wondering if he's delivering another strong film. Have a look at the trailer for Justice which comes through Coming Soon:



Guy Pearce a.k.a The Chameleon. There really is nothing he can't play right... (I'm a big fan if you didn't already guess.)

Nicholas Cage doesn't look half bad either but he's not breathtaking either.

He hasn't been for a long time has he?

Well he's been bad enough to take my breath away in certain occasions but I have to admit I struggle trying to remember an above average performance from him in the last few years.

To me, it goes back to The Weather Man which is one of those movies I watched without any real anticipation and was pleasantly surprised. 2005 was a good year for Cage, there was also Lords of War which I enjoyed very much. Actually, I think its safe to say that 2005 was his best year at all.

In terms of quality/quantity ratio art least.


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