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Hellraiser remake falters

Hellraiser.jpgIt looks like the two men who were attached to the big screen remake of Hellraiser may not be seeing it happen with their names on the main titles, or perhaps anyone's names for that matter.

The recent straight to DVD effort for Hellraiser was set to ensure that Dimension Films would hold onto the rights for the franchise and be able to devote some time and effort to the real prize, the remake of Hellraiser.

The reason for this was that the rights were going to lapse and if they didn't deliver a film for the franchise soon they would pass by. This raised hopes, for it seemed that Dimension weren't happy with just producing the same old stuff for the Hellraiser remake and they were making and releasing this sub-par film in order to keep those rights and do something worthy of the original.

Well you could view it that way, or that the remake trend had caught their eye, they had the Hellraiser rights and not enough time to remake it, so the fired out a quick and nasty sequel, and looking at the trailer that's exactly what it seemed to be.

Now they have the opportunity to make the big screen version of Hellraiser, remake the original or re-imagine it, and then deliver to Hellraiser fans a big budget and far better version of the films in the franchise that we've seen since that first film. At one point it seemed we might even get Clive Barker back on the film.

Not so as the two that finally settled there were Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier who delivered a different take on the new Hellraiser. Now I feel like saying "not so" once again as news comes from ShockTillYouDrop who talked with Farmer and Lussier at the Still Screaming signing event the other night.

They asked them the question about the Hellraiser film and both were very non-committal apparently; in fact they told fans that it was looking unlikely that it was going to be made with them still involved.

This sounds like either the script is going to be passed onto new hands for another rewrite, or the film is dead.

Frankly it would be no wonder if the film was dead. Perhaps everyone involved saw Hellraiser: Revelations and wondered what they were involved in, not understanding that it was, allegedly, just made to retain the rights.

Perhaps they realised that the fan base just isn't there for a Hellraiser franchise film and the real desire is to see Clive Barker come back and do it right, and that's not attractive to the studio either. Or, and this is probably the real one, they've just moving onto new writers to try and get another executive attention grabbing script.

Mind you the upside to this for fans is that there is plenty of time to deliver the new Hellraiser film and maybe the studio wants some distance from Hellraiser: Revelations and more time to work on just the right Hellraiser remake. Well, we can live in hope can't we?



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