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New A Lonely Place to Die trailer reveals too much?

ALonelyPlacetoDie.jpgI criticised the previous trailer for A Lonely Place to Die for revealing a little too much of what happens after the climbers meet the kidnappers in the remote hills of Scotland, and this trailer goes even further, showing more footage of that and even ending with a scene that looks like it could either be a big spoiler or a deliberate diversion from the way the story will actually pan out.

Either way I feel it just gives us a little too much. Mind you there's a lot of positive commentary coming out for the film, and regardless of how much I see I'm heading to the cinema to see the film, and not just because it's filmed in Scotland or because it features Melissa George, Eamonn Walker, Sean Harris, Karel Roden or Alec Newman.

A Lonely Place to Die sees a group of climbers in a remote part of Scotland come across a child buried in an underground chamber. They free her and take her with them, trying to get her back to safety, but the people who put her there return looking for her and when they can't find her, start tracking down the climbers.

It seems she was part of a kidnapping plot, and the men looking for her are armed killers, desperate to get her back and get their ransom, and no one is going to stand in their way.

According to some of the reports I've read this is a well filmed, written and directed thriller that doesn't rely on the stock checklists of the trade and has some genuinely strong moments, as well as being rather brutal in the process.

I'm hopeful for the film as I do like the cast, many of whom I think are so underrated as actors and can give really powerful performances when called upon. I hope it's true for the film written by Will Gilbey and Julian Gilbey who also directs.

Here's the new trailer for A Lonely Place to Die, but as I say there's more shown of later events in the film. Hopefully not spoilers though.



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