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New Outrage (Autoreiji) trailer

Autoreiji.jpgThere's a new trailer for Outrage (Autoreiji) online and it has an English language voiceover to go with it. While I know it was released last year in certain countries, I'm wondering if the new trailer is for an upcoming release in Europe or America, for the Takeshi Kitano written, directed and led film has only been released cinematically in Japan, Singapore, France and Sweden.

Most likely this is building up to the DVD/Blu-ray release which, in the UK, seems scheduled for November the 14th.

The film looks inside the Yakuza as a boss issues an order to his subordinates to get an un-associated gang in line and the job is passed to a crew who always take on the tasks no one else wants to do. However no one's motives are what they seem and the head of the crew is betrayed. With honour and code broken the crime boss turns on the people who set him up and looks for violent and bloody revenge, even though it takes him to the bosses themselves.

Well, that's my take of the different blurbs that are floating around there and the trailers, this new trailer reveals quite a lot about the film but at the same time presents it as a crime syndicate revenge film that we've seen so many times before except with gunshots during the fade outs and lots of looks to camera.

A Takeshi Kitano film is much more than that and I do hope we end up with a better trailer for Outrage (Autoreiji) than this, the previous one was much stronger even if it wasn't in English.



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