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Paranormal Activity 3 trailer

ParanormalActivity3.jpgI'm not a fan of the Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) films, the first one didn't scare me a jot and with stock scares, expected beats that we see coming a mile off, and convoluted use of cameras going against character, it all was far too faked and flat for me.

Still, Paranormal Activity 3 is promising more, and not just more of the same, and I have to say that there's a lot more offered in this new trailer that we haven't seen so far. Perhaps the third is a charm.

Mind you, the idea of how forced the story is for me is summed up by a character at the end of the trailer:

"We're getting out of here, just get in the car and drive"

Yeah. Why not? Just leave the house. It's a similar thought that crept up on me all through the first film, characters doing things totally against type just to keep the story going, the story itself just ignoring things in plain sight in order to keep the scares going, and so on.

I have to be fair though, this trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 has some new tricks up its sleeve and they look rather good. It feels a little less right on the money with the quiet moments followed by the scare consisting of something rapidly moving towards the camera.

It looks like there might be a little more thought behind this one. Here's the new trailer for Paranormal Activity 3.



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