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Red Dawn remake remake to be released

RedDawnRemake.jpgLet me just point out that there isn't a mistype in the headline of the story, I did mean to use the word remake twice, for the remake of Red Dawn has been remade already, before its release, although the remake has been a cosmetic CG one.

Originally the film portrayed a Chinese enemy invading America, but now they've been digitally altered to appear North Korean, for they only have weaponry to threaten the West, not a potential boycott of cinemas.

This all came about when the Red Dawn film, which originally featured a Russian army invading America and coming up against resistance groups across the country, was remade as Red Dawn with a modern day threat capable of invading America, one that had a large enough army to do so, China.

However when the Chinese film market heard about it there was a lot of negativity, and too scared to lose the very lucrative marketplace the Hollywood producers and executives behind the film backed down, coming up with the brilliant idea of altering all the enemy to appear to be a country without a large cinema audience with cash in their pockets, North Korea.

So with the use of clever editing and CG work the enemy was changed and the Chinese film market was saved. Now the L.A. Times is telling us that the film is heading for a release.

Apparently though, and this is backing up what we heard before when we first discovered that the Chinese would be changed to North Koreans, not all the enemy are being changed and this is going to be an invading coalition, except surely no mention of China in there.

It still sounds a little silly to me, North Korea doesn't seem as though it could invade and take over middle America, although to be fair with some well placed nuclear detonations they could cripple the country and begin a land invasion with a coalition of other countries.

However this is a film, entertainment. The new Red Dawn isn't a factual or dramatic piece and it should no less offend and turn cinemagoers away as the original did Russians.

A country doesn't have to invade to control another; they just have to be the biggest marketplace for their leading industries!

It'll be good to finally see the film released though, whatever has happened to it. We just have to hope it's not been too radically doctored and it feels ripped apart and CG heavy.



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