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Rush filming real F1 cars in 35mm

Lauda-Hunt.jpgI'm really excited that Ron Howard is making a film about Formula One, although more importantly it's about Niki Lauda and the fight for the championship against James Hunt that almost ended in tragedy but saw one of the most amazing comeback stories you'll ever hear about. This could pave the way for other films about a sport that is filled with possibilities but has only been explored once with the classic Grand Prix.

So it's great news to hear that Howard is starting things well. He's off to the classic Nurburgring race circuit and will be filming for Rush in 35mm, shooting against a back drop of a classic car Formula One race.

I've seen the classic car race before the Canadian Grand Prix this year, it was fantastic to see the cars from the past years of F1 racing around the circuit and it's the perfect place for Howard to get a glimpse of some of the cars he would need for his film, after all I think I remember that both Niki Lauda and James Hunt raced cars that were in the classic race. However, that's not a full grid.

According to the report from Deadline though, this isn't principal photography, so I'm sure this will be a number of tests to see what they can do with the cars, how they could film the racing, getting the actors in the cars, etc.

So it's really for Ron Howard to get a feel for the race circuit which is pivotal to the film for its where Niki Lauda had his terrible crash after Jackie Stewart and other drivers were pushing for better safety and the organisers shut them down, then during the race Lauda crashed on the first few laps with a full tank of fuel, caught in a fireball of an F1 car.

His story didn't end there though, he was badly burned, inside and out, and despite the pain he was feeling he was back in a car six weeks later fighting for that championship once again against James Hunt.

It's an inspirational story, and if Howard can capture the speed and essence of F1 as John Frankenheimer did in Grand Prix, he could make a fantastic film.

However there are difficulties. Where is he going to get a full grid compliment of cars of the time, will they mock them up practically or will they take to CG? I understand that they'll make the accident with CG, after all if they are going to recreate that it won't be for real, but please lets have real racing cars and real racing.

It looks like this is what Howard has in mind for Rush, as long as his test at Nurburgring is reminiscent of the final film we're going to get real racing and on 35mm. I'm getting more excited by the minute.



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