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The Avengers tie-in short film

Avengers.jpgThis is rather clever of Marvel, there are still loose ends and threads to tie together to get to The Avengers film, and even there are some characters who haven't received their own film and back story, and yet we're about to see The Avengers arrive on the big screen.

So to pre-empt the film, build anticipation, and to tie up some of these hanging threads, Marvel are apparently releasing a series of shorts which will see Agent Coulson of SHIELD cleverly bringing us to The Avengers film.

I have to say this is rather a nice idea and I think it's a very clever way to build anticipation, pull in the fans to the new film, and tie up some of the hanging threads in the way of The Avengers.

Problem is it seems that Marvel aren't keen on letting it out as finding anything more than a fifty second clip is difficult, and finding a full length that will embed even harder.

I've found one on YouTube that isn't embeddable and I wonder how long Marvel will let it be. I would have thought they would have wanted these videos to go everywhere and spread the word.

According to JoBlo we're going to see more of these popping up and the next will be about Thor's story. Will we see one for each of the characters?



Excellent find Rich, this is a great idea from Marvel - they could bring out the set of mini intro films on a DVD prior to launch of Avengers... I got The Hire DVD of short films made by BMW which was excellent promotion with John Woo / Tony Scott and Guy Ritchie all making short films - very cool!

Cheers Matt. I saw those BMW short films when they were released, I really enjoyed them and it feels like they're doing something similar here, but with less fanfare.

I hope they do more and make them more widely available. They certainly need to cover a bit of ground before The Avengers don't you think?

The "Marvel One-Shot": The Consultant doesn't really add anything new - we've already seen Stark met Ross at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Hope the next one: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer adds something new to set up The Avengers


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