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The Heineken Kidnapping trailer

TheHeinekenKidnapping.jpgI know the trailer for The Heineken Kidnapping (De Heineken ontvoering) isn't in English, but even for us English speakers the trailer still looks a powerful one, and I've managed to stay away from reading anything about the kidnapping in real life, for it is based on the true story, so the film should still be a surprise.

Starring Rutger Hauer as Alfred Heineken, which in itself is rather amusing if you think that he was the voice of the Guinness adverts for so long, who was kidnapped in 1983 for three weeks, the film from Maarten Treurniet looks rather powerful and Hauer looks rather different to the roles he's played.

I expect Rutger Hauer to play the rather oddball, slightly crazy character, or even totally crazy, but here he looks like he's storing that feeling for a more realistic intensity that will give him a very powerful and very real performance.

From what I see so far I really like the look of The Heineken Kidnapping (De Heineken ontvoering), I would so love to see an English subtitled trailer though and hear that it's getting release dates through the rest of the world.

Here's the new trailer through Twitch:



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