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The Lone Ranger film mounts up

LoneRanger-Tonto.jpg...again. After The Lone Ranger was delayed, and it was delayed not cancelled, to rework the budget and try and get it down to something more manageable we heard rumours of what was happening from straight cancelling of the project through to re-casting of actors.

Now thought it appears nothing has changed and that includes the budget. Well, to be fair they shaved 6.5% of the original budget. Oh, and just to remind you, that budget was US $230 million.

Yes, $230 million was the budget that caused Disney to put the project on hold to try and save money, and what has the Jerry Bruckheimer produced and Gore Verbinski directed film come back with? $215 million.

That's what Deadline through Latino Review are telling us and I'm still totally amazed, I mean where is that budget going? After all let me reiterate what the story is, it's The Lone Ranger, that's it.

We're not throwing in aliens and spaceships, they aren't fighting off Godzilla, and we aren't preparing to tell the epic story of a nation here. It's a crime fighting cowboy, his faithful Indian companion, and the wild west, not even the wild west with massive CG robots.

Where is the budget going?

Gore Verbinski is directing and Johnny Depp plays Tonto. Could that answer the question?

Armie Hammer plays the Lone Ranger with word that Ruth Wilson is joining the production too, but I don't think we can credit the massive budget to those two.

Honestly I can't understand how the film can cost so much, the budget isn't that far off Avatar (Filmstalker review) and look what that had to do during the production, what is this film doing? Surely it must be an end of year loophole or something for the companies involved or the film production includes the Disney ride to go with it? The story of the Lone Ranger cannot be costing that much to make.

Cue Pirates of the Wild West.



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