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The Thing adult only trailer reveals too much?

TheThingPrequel.jpgWhat we needed from the trailer for The Thing was to hint at what was coming, to show us the beats we expect to see and then hint at what more we're getting over John Carpenter's The Thing.

Instead what we receive are a series of snapshots showing the creature in action and people either being killed by it or it mimicking different characters. I wonder if that is too much.

Of course those of us who have seen John Carpenter's The Thing know what's coming, but at the same time we actually don't because all we know is what we saw through those character's eyes, there could be more we haven't seen, even after the start of the Carpenter's film. There could easily be more, another character or two, who is to say that the Norwegian camp story went the way we saw it there? Couldn't there be more threads?

So the answer is yes, quite clearly, and that's something to look forward to, but with the red band trailer that we're seeing I'm wondering what it's actually bringing us that's new.

We get to see the creature in action in various ways, already seeing a few deaths and the character's faces full on, so we know who is going to die. Yes I know what Carpenter The Thing viewers are saying right now, but bear in mind what I said in those previous paragraphs, just because of what we saw through the American's eyes we can't say that's the entire story of the Norwegian's camp can we?

So the trailer for The Thing (the prequel) shows us the deaths of characters, or the already dead characters, it also shows us multiple shots of the creature in various forms, and is that too much? We've already seen it once or twice in the trailer, showing us it again in different forms is just repeating the point, yes this is like the Carpenter creature.

That said though there are plenty of shots that are far more subtle, such as the hand disappearing into the sleeve, these shots are giving us a taste of what to expect and not revealing too much, the crack behind the person's face in the helicopter, these are nice little moments and very well done.

To defend the trailer they do have to cater for the audience who hasn't seen the Carpenter film, and so more of the creature reveals that it can take different shapes and it's very clear that it takes over other creatures.

Yet there's no story in here other than defining the character. A good horror trailer, but where's some more of the actual story? I have to say I'm not convinced by the Mary Elizabeth Winstead lead, although that will stop us doing a direct Kurt Russell comparison, I am taken by some of the cast in the background, Joel Edgerton, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Ulrich Thomsen.

Here's the MPAA red band trailer for The Thing which you can see over at IGN:



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