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The Thing Russian trailer shows more

TheThingPrequel.jpgA new trailer for the prequel to The Thing called, confusingly, The Thing, is soon to be seen and there's a new trailer online to show it off. The bad news is it's in Russian, the good news is that it has plenty of footage to show off, from the effects to the feel of the film.

I would love to see this trailer in English for there's a lot of dialogue for it, but what we see is equally as exciting and it does make The Thing look really good.

Of course you might watch this and be left with the big question of, what is different from the original? The effects have been updated and the lead is a female, but you could be forgiven for watching it and seeing very similar beats.

There is something that might offer a little glimmer. There are the lights moving on what could be a space ship, and there's a helicopter which is way too big to be the one we're expecting. However I'm grasping here and there's not a lot extra in the trailer that's going to suggest it's offering us more than the original film.

Let's hope that it does do more than a female lead and new effects. Here's the trailer for The Thing.



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