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Wanted 2 gains Wanted writers

Wanted_Banned_Poster.jpgMark Millar has been saying it for some time and people have been deriding him, and now we hear from the writers of Wanted (Filmstalker review) that they've been hired to write the script for the sequel, Wanted 2.

We've heard Millar talking before about the project coming to life and then nothing has really happened, unfortunately some people thought it was wishful thinking on his part, now it seems it wasn't and that the project was getting underway.

The news is that the original writers are on board for the sequel and have been talking about what that sequel holds, well on this draft anyway, and the good news so far is that there aren't any convoluted plans to bring back dead characters, but it does look like Wesley will return.

From The Wrap through Coming Soon we hear from Derek Haas who says he's just been hired with Michael Brandt to write Wanted 2. He follows this up revealing that the story will...

"...take off after the events of what just happened. Pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round."

Well that surely suggests that they're going to be looking to recast James McAvoy? I'd certainly say it's looking that way from what they're setting out to write. I wonder if McAvoy would return for more of the same? I personally don't think he would so they're going to have to think up something to bring us all back to the story without just giving Wesley another group to tackle.

I caught the news last night from Mark Millar's Twitter feed where he said on his own forums that this is...

...one of four or five big movie announcements from Millarworld in the next four weeks.

Now that's not just saying there's more to come, that's saying that this is the first of four major film announcements. What they could be are anything but they definitely are not just Millar teasing us with hopeful words, and that's something to throw back at the naysayers, and I'm sure Mark Millar will delight in doing just that.

I wonder what they are though, what other film announcements are we talking about?

There are some things that he's since revealed he just can't talk about as he's signed an NDA, but there's a clear inference that he's going to be involved in Wanted 2 in some way and he hasn't completely signed over the rights for the project, so there's hope.

What else has Millar sold to Hollywood?



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