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Grace Kelly the film not about Kelly?

GraceKelly.jpgGrace Kelly's story is an incredible one, a leading Hollywood actress whose private life attracted a lot of attention before she married royalty in Monaco where died in a car accident aged 52. It sounds like a perfect story to be made into a film.

However it seems that the film entitled Grace of Monaco isn't going to go in that direction and talk about her life other than a very short period of it which is really a story that focuses on other more dramatic events in Monaco's recent history than Kelly herself.

The story for Grace of Monaco is apparently about a period in time when Charles de Gaulle and Prince Rainier III were in great debate about the fact that Monaco was deemed to be a tax haven, according to the story it was Grace Kelly, then Princess, who was said to be instrumental in solving what became a crisis between the two.

According to The Guardian Arash Amel wrote the script and he previously wrote The Expatriate starring Aaron Eckhart which is due out next year. Currently, and this is the good bit, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam who produced Tell No One (Filmstalker review) is looking for a director. Now producers can have a range of influence on a film but I'm willing to put money on a producer of an excellent thriller such as that.

Now this is getting interesting so there's some interesting information coming out about the story, but it feels like it's far less about Grace Kelly and more about the political debate between the two leaders about the laws of Monaco.

I think they're missing a trick, there are two films here, one is about Grace Kelly and her story, which many will find incredibly fascinating and holds a more than passing connection to a certain British Princess, and the other is about Monaco.

While the Kelly story seems interesting and could ride on the Princess connection, there's something stirred up in me about Monaco. I'm sure there are plenty of interesting stories about Monaco, how it came to be, how it built itself up, and not to mention this one about de Gaulle and Rainer at odds about the Principality.

What do you think? Would a story about Grace Kelly on its own be better?



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