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Miss Bala trailer hits hard

MissBala.jpgThe trailer for Miss Bala makes me realise what I was missing at the press screening I could have attended this week, if I didn't have a real job that is, for it carries a strong concept and what promises to be a hard hitting performance. This is the kind of film I really love and I think it looks like it would like up to expectations.

A young aspiring beauty queen is on the verge of realising her dream and representing her country in beauty contests around the world, and then she is caught up in the middle of a gang shooting and dragged into something that corrupts her dream, and herself.

Miss Bala comes from writer and director Gerardo Naranjo and stars the gorgeous and talented Stephanie Sigman in the lead role. I've been hearing some very positive things about the film and the trailer reinforces them.

Miss Bala looks like it could deliver a strong thriller mixed with a powerful human performance and perhaps some commentary on fighting for your dreams and what they are worth.

This is definitely a film worth looking out for.



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