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The Crow fails to fly again

TheCrow.jpgWhat's happening to The Crow remake? It seems to be following in the tradition of the curse or conspiracy that some tend to believe is behind the film, or as I'd prefer to look at it, the production is having as many difficulties as a large percentage of films do.

Except it shouldn't be as it seemed to have a good number of names behind it, a strong script and direction, and it's a remake of a film that is very well known. It's taking a character that fans would like to see more of and trying to restart a franchise.

There is of course a problem with that, the original film The Crow has grown into something far more than it originally was, mainly around the death of Brandon Lee on the set and the fact that the film was completed using CG and already shot images, and still it produced a good film.

It also portrayed The Crow character much darker than we were used to at the time and that's another aspect that has held The Crow in the hearts of fans for so long. So although there is a base of fans out there who would want to see more of The Crow, they tend only to want to see it one way.

However the restart for The Crow has not been easy, not by a long shot. First news came that the film had lost Stephen Norrington from the directorial chair, which I believe was a big loss on the part of the production. I know some disagree, but I happily bleat about the merits of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and let's not forget Blade.

Together with Nick Cave he had a strong vision from the film as he said back when we heard he was off the project:

"I had developed a genuinely authentic take that respected the source material while moving beyond it, and Nick Cave came in and added more depth...I think the fans would have been pleasantly surprised."

Next news was that the star lined up to play The Crow, Bradley Cooper, was also off the project, perhaps because Norrington's vision which he had signed up to was on the way out.

However there was hope as Juan Carlos Fresnadillo arrived for the project, 28 Weeks Later and soon Intruders, he seemed another strong directorial choice for the project, however according to reports, and this one comes from Latino Review, Fresnadillo has left the remake of The Crow.

So who next? I don't believe that the production company are going to give up just yet, after all other projects have been through more troubles and haven't been named The Crow.

Whoever does join the project as director, we have to hope that they keep close to that original script as Nick Cave writing The Crow seems a really good match and one that means he could keep the tone close to that of the original while delivering a powerful script that's surely set to surprise.



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