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The Lady rousing trailer release

TheLady.jpgThere's a full trailer out for the film that will tell the dramatic story of the Burmese democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi who was put under house arrest for an obscene amount of time by the governing army after standing up for the rights of the people who were being murdered and maltreated by them.

She's recently been released and this is her story, to date, as told by Luc Besson and Michelle Yeoh who plays the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner. It's a stirring story and the trailer reflects that really well.

It does look a very powerful film with some images of the incredible actions of the ruling army almost defying belief, but the peaceful protest of Aung San Suu Kyi even defying the guns of the soldiers. However the power she wielded, even helping her party win an election over the ruling generals which they refused to recognise, was too much for them and they placed her under house arrest hoping to stem her power. Instead they've only increased it.

The trailer for The Lady looks like it will be emotional and incredibly stirring, and although there's not a great deal for Michelle Yeoh to do in these scenes, there are enough moments for you to realise she's going to be offering the performance of her career. Now if Luc Besson has handled the film well enough, that might just be what she's granted with.

The trailer comes from Yahoo Trailers, where you can see it in high definition, through Deadline:



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