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The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of my Father CIA Spymaster William Colby featurette

TheManWhoNobodyKnew.jpgThe Man Nobody Knew: In Search of my Father CIA Spymaster William Colby is a hell of a title, which I think might just be reduced to something like The Man Nobody Knew. It tells the story of a man's search for the truth about his father, a man who he suspected was a CIA operative.

It turns out that he was, and much more as he became the Director of the CIA, and his son made a film about him.

This featurette gives us a feel for what the film is going to be about, but what's most interesting is that the film-maker, William Colby's son Carl Colby, doesn't really know that he's a CIA operative to begin with.

The shocking part of this story is indeed the events that his father was involved in and what he did at the CIA and the effect he had on the organisation, that and of course his mysterious death.

In 1996 his father went missing for eight days, he had gone canoeing and it is believed that he fell into the water without a life vest, either dying from drowning or hypothermia. While Carl Colby isn't looking for conspiracies this does disturb him for they always wore life vests when out on the water.

Colby doesn't immediately leap to a conclusion, and he doesn't know what to believe about his father whether it was an accident, suicide or something darker, but as he investigates his life more and more things are revealed to him that he never knew, and he's not sure whether to think of his father as a hero, victim or villain.

Those last few words come from the Reuters story through Yahoo News who has a strong write up on the film, revealing that there are some big names involved in the film from Donald Rumsfeld to Bob Woodward.

It also tells us that the story reveals some amazing facts about his father, that he was responsible for the anti-incursion strategy in Vietnam called the Pheonix Program which would root the Viet Cong out of the towns and villages. While thousands were killed by the program Viet Cong Commander Vo Nguyen Giap did credit this campaign as being the most effective of the war and remains a standard for anti-insurgency campaigns.

The article reveals that he blew the lid on a lot of CIA practices in 1975 in front of what was called the Church Committee, revealing secrets in order to clean up the act of the CIA and ended up losing his role as Director in the CIA and being forced to retire while the old CIA hated him for what he had done.

There are many interesting sides to this story, and I do like the fact that the documentary maker, Willam Colby's son, isn't making any assumptions about his death, or life, and is extremely open minded.

The featurette for The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of my Father CIA Spymaster William Colby comes through TrailerAddict and only tells a little of the story, it's well worth reading the Yahoo News article too:



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