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Young Adult double trailers

YoungAdult.jpgDiablo Cody writing, Jason Reitman directing and Charlize Theron starring in the lead, and everyone talking about it, then the trailer should have me hugely excited for the film. Well I did feel a bit of a let down, but it does look quietly fun.

There are two trailers out there which are almost identical apart from a slightly easier cut in places on the second and a rude joke at the end which helps build the pathetic feeling for the lead.

Young Adult tells the story of a woman who returns to her hometown after her divorce to try and get back her glory days and her high school boyfriend who, unfortunately for her, is now married and a father. While working out how to win him back she meets a former classmate who is still trying to move on from those days too, and together they form an unlikely bond.

Charlize Theron is playing the lead character of Mavis Gray with Patrick Wilson playing the man she is trying to get back, Buddy Slade and her unlikely buddy is played by Patton Oswalt.

Sounds like there's plenty scope for some funny setups and some deep, searching moments. However I'm not sure that the trailers do the film justice, they feel a little too light, but then maybe that's the way the film is.

The first trailer is over at Apple Trailers in high definition, and the second trailer, which as a slightly easier cut in a couple of scenes and the ruder closing joke is below and comes through Collider.

I love the timing and slight gestures of Theron in the trailers, she really does manage to convey a lot through just the smallest of facial features, and the query about the baby is rather cleverly written and performed.



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