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Colin Firth in Oldboy, returning to the dark side

ColinFirth.jpgIf it comes to be and Colin Firth signs up to play the villain role in Oldboy we could see a return to the dark side of the actor that we've seen, if all too rarely. There's one specific film I always remember about Firth that stays with me and has frustrated me time and time again when I've seen his more romantic roles for it showed a stronger, darker and far more impressive side of the actor.

Now this side of the actor could be gaining an outing again as the rumour has been across the interflab that he's been offered a role in Oldboy, and if he accepts he'll be playing the villain opposite Josh Brolin's anti-hero character.

Personally I'm not sure if Josh Brolin is the right character for the wronged character in the remake of Oldboy (Filmstalker review), it will be one of those roles that will either work perfectly because he's not what you expect, or it won't. I do hope that the reason he's been chosen is that he's not the obvious choice and that he adds a new dimension to the complex and troubled character, particularly when it comes to the twists and turns of the story.

However the rumour that Colin Firth is currently considering taking the villain role in the new Oldboy is something I am excited about, for I remember a film called Trauma (Filmstalker review), written by the Scottish writer Richard Smith, directed by Marc Evans and co-starring Mena Suvari and Naomie Harris. Firth doesn't exactly play a villain, but a very troubled character, a very complex and contained one that is far from the character we see him play time and time again.

He's always likeable, lovable, and often the hapless romantic, but in Trauma we see a different side of him and the psychological thriller delivers a character and film far from those listed around him in his career, and I think it was a defining performance for him. If you ever needed to see what he was capable of then that is the film to watch, however not everyone agreed, and while I rated the film highly, a majority of people didn't see it that way, which is a shame.

With my love for that film and performance I am excited by the prospect of Colin Firth playing the supporting lead role opposite Josh Brolin in the remake of Oldboy, and I'm putting aside the question of whether they should remake it or not now as it is happening and that's that.

The rumour, which I've picked from Twitch, tells us that the offer is out to the actor for the role, and it's a rumour that's come from a number of places and is pouring around the tide of the net right now.

I suggest that you watch Trauma and see what you think, focus on Colin Firth's performance and if you've seen Oldboy consider him then in that role. I personally think that he would play the lead superbly well, and in fact his role in Trauma suggests that more, however playing the more villain type of the two would allow him to channel that darker character, one he's not so known for but is perfect at doing, especially considering his more commonly cast romantic lead character.



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