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Lego film moves forward

Lego.jpgHollywood is continuing its fascination with toys and games as films with Lego, and while this idea was originally announced a good number of years back, the film production is still alive, amazingly. It has been in development since 2008, but it's only now receiving a production boost.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that these ideas for films and games could really make it to a film version, and some of the recent ideas are even more shocking for actually having made it there, but there's something about the Lego idea that could work.

Lego is a versatile and wide ranging toy that isn't just a toy for kids. It ranges from the simplistic Lego to the engineering kind where you can really build some complex working models, never mind the size that they can be as you hit some huge department store and find a life size model made of Lego or visit some Lego world somewhere. Lego is a versatile and wide ranging toy, you can build anything with it and there are many different characters in the toy.

However a film about Lego? Could it really work?

Well there's not much said in the article from Variety about the production happening in Australia, but it does reveal that the film will be casting for the live-action characters in January, and that means, as if you need it explained, that there are going to be real life characters in the film.

Now the fact that the production is heading to Animal Logic who are responsible for the CG film Happy Feet, and that the article states that the film will be innovative and use the latest animation and photo-real techniques suggests that there could be a mix of real life and CG throughout the film. Or that they are motion capturing the actors, personally I hope it's the latter but then they could be motion captured for the Lego people.

Dan Lin and Roy Lee are producing and the original script came from Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman who wrote the television series LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, more recently Phil Lord and Chris Miller were brought on board to rewrite and direct, and considering they brought to life a story about a machine that could make food fall from the sky (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) I think they're more than competent enough for the role.

So a Lego film, could it really work?



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