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Safe trailer is a safe bet

JasonStatham.jpgThat's exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer for Safe which stars Jason Statham and comes from writer/director Boaz Yakin. The film looks a pretty steady action film mixing a few elements of Transporter and action films we've seen Statham in before with a few other famous action films featuring the protection of a child.

It does seem similar ground, although it's not bad ground considering what Statham films deliver, plenty of fun, action, thrills and great one liners, and this trailer is no different.

There are two great one liners at the end of the trailer, and the first one is really good, although I do like the one in Russian.

I wonder if Safe is going to offer us anything different though? The film sees Jason Statham playing an ex-cop, one of the toughest there has ever been in the New York police force. He's on a subway one day when he sees a young girl race on the train followed by some heavily armed thugs who are threatening her.

He greets them with a suitable Statham welcome and then when he hears the girl's story he decides to protect her and get her out of the city, the problem is that various different city gangs including the police force are out to get her, for she holds a secret they all want.

It's here where the action element takes over and we see the return of the suit, even the protecting of the girl seems familiar, and we could just be in another Transporter film, although I don't think that it's such a bad thing especially when it would seem from the trailer that all the over the top action isn't in the trailer - the biggest moment is the body leap from the window, which is a stretch, but would work.

Boaz Yakin wrote and directed the film, and he has an interesting list of screenplays to his name so there could be something in there, I do hope there is, but if it turns out to be another Statham action film I won't really be that disappointed, would you?

If you like your action films this is probably one that's going to get you, plus Chris Sarandon plays the main bad guy. Here's the trailer from Yahoo Movies:



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