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Scott confirms some facts about New Blade Runner

BladeRunner.jpg Ridley Scott has been talking about his attempt to return to his classic film Blade Runner, and we've heard some rumours before about the film and where it's headed, the man himself has spoken a little about the film and what he has in store.

What's interesting is that it goes against a previous rumour that had Scott Z. Burns already in the writing chair for the film.

A wee while ago we heard that the rights to Blade Runner had been bought and that the company intended to make sequels, yes more than one, to the original, and the shocking news was that they secured none other than Ridley Scott for the film.

We haven't been sure until now if he was going to just produce or whether he might direct, but speaking to Wall Street Journal through First Showing he makes one thing clear, he's going to direct the film.

Although I thought that was coming, it's still quite a surprise that he's going to return to this classic, but there was talk of a prequel or a film in the same universe so it wasn't directly hitting that original. Well that's not the case at the moment, although it's worth remembering what happened with the Alien prequel Prometheus which is apparently a different story in the same universe despite starting as a prequel - I'd still say allegedly for that one as there are some rumours to the contrary even now.

So not only has he confirmed he's directing he also says that the film is:

"...liable to be a sequel."

Not much of a quote, but it appears to be what he's thinking. Still, that's liable. However something he says later on would say that it's not that much of a sequel as he reveals that the film won't be with the previous cast and that Deckard won't be there.

"...not with the past cast, of course."

No Deckard?

"No, not really..."

Not really? What does that mean? No Deckard at all, a replacement character who is similar, or is there something else? A Deckard replacement? Who knows for it's all inside his head right now and until he gets that writer I'm not sure we'll know the true direction of the film, even if he does believe it's a sequel right now.

He says that they are close to finding a writer that:

"...might help me deliver...we're quite a long way in, actually."

So that would suggest it's not Scott Z. Burns as we previously heard.

Still, the film is moving forward, good or bad. I can't help thinking though that Scott is heading for anything but a better film, there have been moments since Alien and Blade Runner, but nothing really to rival them. Could he really make something as good or better now?



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