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Underworld: Awakening new trailer reveals more

Underworld.jpgIf you were wondering about the new Underworld film, Underworld: Awakening, then wonder no more for the new trailer tells us everything we need to know, and then some. I love the line where we're told, as we see the massive creature, that they've managed to create a creature twice as big as she's ever seen. Well yes, we're just looking at it, as if there was any doubt. It's like a bad voice over.

However the rest of the trailer is pretty damn good, 3D moment following the title "in 3D" aside, the story looks exciting, the biggest battle yet for both Lycans and Vampires, and a whole load of action to throw in there. Not to mention Kate Beckinsale back looking wonderful in that shiny outfit.

Seriously thought I think Underworld: Awakening is looking like a lot of fun, the trailer certainly manages to keep the pace going and building on the story, and it looks like the side of humanity is rather blurred as usual.

The story is that Selene has been imprisoned by the humans for all this time, she is finally released for some reason and discovers a world very much changed from the one she remembers. Here the humans have advanced incredibly and are aware of both the Lycans and Vampires. They are hunting them down in an attempt to totally eradicate them.

However in the process there seems to be some changes to the other races too. A young girl is the first hybrid creature, which I actually thought we'd already seen but never mind, and there seems to be, as the voice over tells us as we see it, rather large Lycans all of a sudden.

This could be fun, but it really has to be careful to keep the standards up and not slip to become a Resident Evil series, mind you even that's picking up.

Here's the Underworld: Awakening trailer from Yahoo Movies through TrailerAddict which Len Wiseman wrote and Måns Mårlind directed:



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