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Watch Life in a Day for free, and take part in Britain in a Day

BritaininaDay.jpgYou can watch the Kevin MacDonald edited film, shot by you, Life in a Day online for free right now, and it's totally legal. What's more if you don't want to watch it online it's arriving on the BBC tomorrow night.

I've yet to watch the film, I'm going to do so on the Beeb, but from what I've heard it's turned out really well, and so with that success comes Britain in a Day. This is the same project but in Britain only. This time Ridley Scott has director Morgan Matthews to bring together our footage from the 12th of November 2011.

First up, Life in a Day. It was an epic idea from producers Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and lead director Kevin MacDonald, get people around the world to submit a video of their life on one day and edit it together into a film that would hopefully capture people's imagination and inspire them. Apparently it's turned out far better than anyone expected.

Now the film is being shown for free and it's available to watch on YouTube, with the embedded version below. Thanks to Twitch for pointing it out, and here's the film:

That's not all though, it's showing on the BBC2 tomorrow at 21:00, that includes BBC Digital and HD, we may even see it appear on HD on the BBC iPlayer too. Personally that's where I'm going to watch it.

It hasn't ended with this project though, and Ridley Scott has pulled out another willing director, Morgan Matthews, to tackle another version of Life in a Day, Britain in a Day, and filming day is November the 12th 2011, which is just a few days away.

To get involved just start filming your life anytime on the 12th of November, upload it to the YouTube channel britaininaday, and you might find your footage pulled into the main film.

Here's the trailer for Britain in a Day which features a lot of British celebrities as well as real people:

Plus a quick message from the director:

They've even produced a small guide on what to do and how to get the best story out of your life on the 12th:

I'm rather hyped for this and I'm considering doing something for the project. I wonder what story I could tell? What story are you going to tell?



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