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Filmstalker Film Club Round 8

Microphone.jpgWe're back with the eighth round of the Filmstalker Film Club and it may be based around an old story, but the final choice of film is very relevant and caused a good deal of discussion that is sure to cause some people quite an upset.

The reason? Well we each chose a film that starred Dennis Hopper and we had to choose between Hoosiers, The Osterman Weekend and Blue Velvet. Unsurprisingly you might think, Blue Velvet won, however we were less than positive about it and I think a few fans of the film and of David Lynch might be quick to disagree with.

Get watching the film and then wade into the audio where we discuss everything about the film.

You can listen to the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast with the player below, downloading from iTunes or through doubleTwist for your Android by searching for Filmstalker, and on both applications you can subscribe to receive the audiocasts as and when they're posted, here's the RSS feed for the audiocast.

You can find all the Filmstalker audiocasts on the Filmstalker Audiocast page, and if you'd like to join in either calling in or just emailing in some questions, follow the current rounds online in the voting and get in touch through email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.



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