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Filmstalker Film Club Xmas 2011

Microphone.jpgIt's Xmas again, boy has it come around fast, and so perhaps for the final time I've pulled the Filmstalker Film Club together to talk about the best Xmas films and it's producing plenty of disagreements between the three of us, let's see if you agree, or more likely you don't.

Because we've talked about the best Xmas films before we've decided to pick a couple of lists from other sources to discuss, and so we have the Empire best Christmas films and a similarly themed, but very different list from The Observer, and we work our way through them and have a few debates on the way.

You can tell from the opening music what might be one of the most popular Xmas films out there, but how close is it to the top, and do we agree? There are a number of atypical Xmas films in both lists, but then there's a surprising number of films you could argue that are far from Xmas as you can get, and we do.

The main list we look at is the top thirty list from Empire and near the end we scoot through The Observer top ten list, and as usual we disagree on quite a few, but saying that we also agree on a good few.

You can listen to the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast with the player below, downloading from iTunes or through doubleTwist for your Android by searching for Filmstalker, and on both applications you can subscribe to receive the audiocasts as and when they're posted, here's the RSS feed for the audiocast.

You can find all the Filmstalker audiocasts on the Filmstalker Audiocast page, and if you'd like to join in either calling in or just emailing in some questions, follow the current rounds online in the voting and get in touch through email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.



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