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Men in Black III teaser trailer online

MeninBlackIII.jpgThe trailer for Men in Black III has appeared online, where did that come from all of a sudden? Plus it's the official one, not even a bootleg so I am confused. There had been reports of troubles on set, although they did sound like the troubles that so many other productions face. Troubles or not, the first trailer is here.

I have to admit it doesn't start well and I was thinking we were going over old ground, plus a graffiti alien, really? However then the story kicks in and the ending works really well. Best thing? No freakin' dog.

Actually I lied, that's not the best thing about the Men in Black III trailer, the best thing is the appearance of the young Agent K at the end, and perhaps Emma Thompson as Oh.

It all looks like a good first trailer, or rather teaser trailer, and we just have to hope for more to come and soon.

The story is that Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, disappears one day and Agent J, Will Smith, is the only one who realises that he's just gone, everyone else thinks he died over forty years ago. There the story takes Agent J back in time to meet the young Agent K, played by Josh Brolin, to discover what happened to K and why time has been changed.

Barry Sonnenfeld is directing from the script that has David Koepp, Etan Cohen, Michael Soccio and Jeff Nathanson as writers on the film which also stars Rip Torn, Alice Eve and a few other well known names including Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement and even Nicole Scherzinger.

Here's the trailer for Men in Black III so you can see for yourself what the new film is going to offer.

We do need to see more though, for a summer blockbuster we need a trailer that gives us that blockbuster feel.



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