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Prometheus teasers examined

Prometheus.jpgWhile we're waiting for the full trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus to arrive later today, I've been grabbing some screenshots from the countdown teasers to have a look at them and see if there's anything to glean from them, and there is.

The teaser has a couple of shots that are interesting enough to get the mind going, and hopefully it's something that the full trailer will play on even more.

You can see the three teaser trailers for Prometheus right here on Filmstalker and I've taken a few screen grabs from them which you can see below.

Just press play or hit through to the Flickr images to see them larger and in more detail one by one:

Now when you walk through these grabs you'll see that the opening ones are standard enough, but there are a couple of interesting things you can catch onto. The smoking helmet and strange thing happening with the suit the crew member is removing as they run are curious, but there's one thing that stands out for me.

Before I mention it I have no idea what this could be so you should perhaps treat it as a spoiler and turn away if you're not interested.

Mind you saying that I think it's pretty clear from the teaser images.

You'll see a couple at the end, one of an actual shot from the film and another from behind the scenes, both showing a crew member with make-up and effects to make them look disfigured, altered in some way, and in the shot they're attacking another crew member.

Have they been taken over in some way? Changed to fight against the crew? It's hard to tell but they've definitely changed and one is attacking another person in a crew member's suit that's for sure.

What do you think? Perhaps we'll learn more with the full Prometheus trailer later today.



Looks like the game is afoot, it must be a pre/se-qual to Alien. Its got the gunner, spacejocky, horseshoe ship in it.

Colour me very excited.


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