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The Dictator trailer arrives

TheDictator.jpgOh dear. The teaser trailer for The Dictator is hugely disappointing and one which raised nothing audible from me at all, either positive or negative. Personally I thought it was rubbish and just filled with more of the Borat rubbish that is being churned out for the talented Sacha Baron Cohen to deliver to the standard Hollywood comedy guidelines.

I have to say I was also shocked at the Megan Fox clip, I'm really surprised she would let herself be portrayed in this way considering the tough time she gets from the media as it is. However I have to say there is a redeeming moment with John C. Reilly's rather funny line to the Dictator on a U.S. visit.

Apart from that though, I'd say that this trailer for The Dictator is one well worth avoiding.

The story is that Sacha Baron Cohen, Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer have written another story to ridicule more people through stereotypes including some very obvious targets just now.

The almost entirely American cast reflects the target for the film, and the teaser trailer below looks like it tells us everything we need to know, it's a Middle Eastern Borat.

Here's The Dictator teaser trailer from Moviefone through Coming Soon.

I'll say no more.



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