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Chronicles of Riddick sequel really happening

ChroniclesofRiddick.jpgWe have become used to Vin Diesel talking about projects before they've even begun, often before they've even received backing from a studio to make, but to be fair he's almost always right and the projects do happen, whether he's nudged them on himself with his own excellent marketing or not, and well done to him for doing so.

Chronicles of Riddick seem no different to the projects that have come before, he's been talking it up something rotten for some time and amazingly it looks like it's going to happen.

First David Twohy really did come on board and production seemed to be moving forward inch by inch, however there was the usual production shut down due to financial issues, but the production is back up and running and now we're hearing that casting has started, and it looks good so far.

News from Deadline through First Showing is that Katee Sackhoff is in final negotiations to join the new Riddick film as a Nordic mercenary who is tracking down Riddick.

Variety have news that Jordi Molla is playing Santana, another mercenary leading a team of eight who are also tracking Riddick down.

The blurb is that Riddick is abandoned and left for dead on a remote planet where he is fighting for his own survival against the natural predators and becoming stronger and more powerful than before. Sounds familiar so far however bounty hunters and mercenaries are sent out to kill him and they find that there is something bigger going on and that they are all part of a larger scheme of Riddick's to get his own revenge.

It sounds rather good, and I'm really glad that production is moving forward and casting is too. There are other reasons for Riddick fans to be excited too, we know that they are trying to go more for the Pitch Black style and that there's going to be an adult rating for the film, no scrimping, and the fact that the casting isn't going for huge stars is a bonus too, get the money in the film.



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