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Death Wish remake from Carnahan

DeathWish.jpgA Death Wish remake has been talked about a lot, and has actually been delivered in many different ways since the 1974 original from Michael Winner with Charles Bronson in the lead, and not just with Bronson films either, we've had similar revenge style films across the board from small productions to being led by Kevin Bacon and Jodie Foster.

Now a remake of the original is being touted again with the name of The Grey director behind the writing and directing of it, and I think that might just be an interesting choice.

The Grey might seem a silly idea up front but the trailers have totally turned me around to the idea as Liam Neeson helps track a team of stranded men across the Alaskan wilderness while they are tracked by a pack of wolves picking off the stragglers one by one.

Of course it's not just the fact that it's Neeson or that the concept is an odd one that captures us to the film, it's in no small part to the director Joe Carnahan, and like or loathe his films I'm a fan of his style and I've enjoyed his films so far, The Grey will be no different I expect, and so taking his talents to a remake of Death Wish sounds like a great idea.

Looking at the drive and the motivation of the main character in The Grey you aren't falling too far from that of the lead of Death Wish, and with the stylistic action and characters that Joe Carnahan has delivered so far in his films I think we could be on for a rather different take on the Death Wish idea, and that's what we need.

You see we have had revenge films galore that follow the same model ever since the original was released, and while you might be right in arguing the point that there hasn't been a straight up remake, there have been many hugely influenced films and many copying the main plot.

A rumour comes from the L.A. Times through First Showing that a source, who cannot be named and is not allowed to talk about the project publicly but is, apparently, "familiar" with the project revealed that it's happening.

According to the rumour MGM and Paramount are developing the film and behind the production are the producer of The Grey Jules Daly, and the powerhouse production company Scott Free Productions, the Tony Scott and Ridley Scott company.

The original Death Wish sees Charles Bronson playing an architect whose wife and daughter are brutally attacked and when the police fail to bring justice he struggles with his own feelings of anger and revenge and finally heads out to deliver his own style of justice to the criminals of the city.

I think Joe Carnahan could deliver us something new and interesting on the topic, but while there have been many other films like it, a directly named remake of Death Wish hasn't been successful as yet despite a few attempts. I wonder if Carnahan will be the one ending up making it or if he'll be one in a line of writers before a director finally, if ever, gets a crack at the film.



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