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Filmstalker Film Club Piracy Special

Microphone.jpgThe recent news events, and the inability of one of the group to see the films we were going to talk about before the audiocast recording date hit, have meant that we've delivered a special edition of the Filmstalker Film Club where we've gotten together and talked piracy. No, not the seven seas kind and not how to do it but we've rather stupidly decided to enter the whole debate about piracy and see where it leads us.

The answers are contained within this very audiocast where myself, Mark and Steven discuss where the problems lie and find some solutions that tell the film studios the right way to tackle this problem. Chances of any studios listening and doing something about it? Probably very low, but we think we've cracked it. Have a listen and see if you agree.

We think it's a cracking episode this time around and I'd like to hear your thoughts and some feedback on the episode itself and what we do with the Filmstalker Film Club, you know all the places to find me and they're all over this page.

I'm trying something new with this audiocast too, I'm hosting it myself and I've put up my own player so you can listen to it in browser. It'll be interesting to find out how many people actually download it and how many play it, although I don't think I've got the player analytics set-up correctly as yet so it would be nice to hear some feedback.

You can listen to the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast with the player below, downloading from iTunes or through doubleTwist for your Android by searching for Filmstalker, and on both applications you can subscribe to receive the audiocasts as and when they're posted, here's the RSS feed for the audiocast.

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You can find all the Filmstalker audiocasts on the Filmstalker Audiocast page, and if you'd like to join in either calling in or just emailing in some questions, follow the current rounds online in the voting and get in touch through email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.



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