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Upside Down trailer intrigues

UpsideDown.jpgActually the concept for Upside Down seems a little silly, even at times while I was watching the trailer I could feel it slipping towards silliness at times, but the story kept pulling me back. The idea is that there are two worlds one world is where people work every day and earn enough to survive, and the other is a rich and affluent world full of the rich.

Doesn't sound too different so far, but the world of the rich is inverted and just above the other world, always out of reach. You really have to see the trailer to understand how the idea works visually.

Upside Down stars Jim Sturgess as a man who came face to face with a girl from the other world when they were both very young, and that memory of their meeting has stayed with them both. The girl is played by Kirsten Dunst, and rather unsubtly they are called Adam and Eve. When Adam gets older the desire to meet with the girl becomes an obsession and he attempts to go against the laws of the world and break through the border to get to the other world.

The film does look visually interesting and the story does raise a number of questions, one of the big ones being will it work?

Here's the trailer that comes from CANAL+ through First Showing:

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