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Inferno now adds cast rivalling Lovelace

Lovelace.jpgJust yesterday we had quite the casting news for the biographical film about the pornstar turned anti-porn activist Linda Lovelace called Lovelace, and it seemed to be making serious inroads against the rival, and far longer running production, of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

Today though there is a rather large casting announcement for Inferno and it also announces some strong names for its film. The race is still on, and I'm beginning to wonder if they both might make it to production.

Yesterday we heard that Lovelace had gained some new actors, including Sharon Stone who had been previously said to be attached to the cast of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, today the casting announcements come for Inferno and sound rather promising, if not as high brow as Lovelace.

Variety tells us that Adam Goldberg is currently in final negotiations for the role of Harry Reems, the co-star with Linda Lovelace in the well known film Deep Throat where her fame began and the allegations of abuse and mistreatment were strongest, allegations that stem from her beginning in pornography to the moment she stopped performing.

The article reminds us that Malin Akerman is still set to play Linda Lovelace in this film and surprises with the news that the excellent Matt Dillon is to play her husband Chuck Traynor, the man that is alleged to have forced her into the adult film industry and in particular the film Deep Throat.

Other cast members are Paz de la Huerta, Sasha Grey and Harold Perrineau, who is set to play Sammy Davis Jr.. Although the poor grammar of the article makes it uncertain as to whether Perrineau is signed on or is just expected to sign to the film, or even if that statement refers to the one actor or all three.

As an aside the article also points out that the film is co-financed by the company Split Vision, the Vice President of which is Louis Peraino III whose family produced and financed Deep Throat.

The film is to be directed by Matthew Wilder who also wrote the screenplay which is based on the eighties book Ordeal: An Autobiography which Lovelace co-wrote with Mike McGrady, so you can expect this to be her story with her views.

I do wonder if Lovelace is set to be entirely from her point of view or if it will look at the other stories from the others involved. It will be interesting to see which direction they both take and which makes it to the cinema first.



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