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Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor?

ElizabethTaylor.jpgIt seems that stories of Lindsay Lohan starring in film roles and then not actually getting them have been hitting the news for ever, and I wonder if this story will end up being just another one of them? News is that she is in talks to play the legendary actress, although it is for a television film so perhaps there's hope that it might actually come through for her.

It seems that Lohan perhaps killed her last chance with a film career after she was dropped or left the production of Inferno, the Linda Lovelace film, and while playing Elizabeth Taylor is a bigger role, it perhaps isn't for an American afternoon television film.

Lindsay Lohan is currently in talks for the role in Lifetime's film Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story which will look at the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, two iconic actors who were filled with bags of talent, charisma, and on screen sensuality.

Their romance sparked controversy and headlines, some say giving rise to the celebrity fascination that we see today throughout the newspapers and magazines, and while the two loved each other dearly their relationship was a troubled one.

In an attempt to connect Lindsay Lohan to Elizabeth Taylor the article in Deadline quotes another article that points out they both were child stars, had domineering mothers, little real childhood, hit fame from an early age, substance abuse issues, public emotion outbursts and plenty of headlines.

Well, yes, you could make some of those comparisons however the "substance abuse" between the two is incomparable, and the downward spiral of Lohan shows that the two women have had very different lives. Thankfully the comment also points out that the major difference is achievement, although I would go further and say talent, ability, drive, charisma, work ethic and achievement.

Taylor was a celebrated success, was offered fantastic roles, delivered time and time again, and powered out amazing performances.

Lohan may play her in an American afternoon television film.

I wonder who will play Richard Burton then?



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