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Michael trailer should shock

Michael.jpgMichael is playing at the Glasgow Film Festival this year and I am considering going to see it for all the praise the film is receiving, but at the same time I'm struggling with the idea and that it could be such a strong film. You see it's about a man who is holding a ten year old boy prisoner in his basement and does so for some five months.

The comments about the film are very strong, and in a good way, saying that it is masterfully created and is cinematically powerful as well as unnerving, as it should no doubt be.

The trailer we have for the film is rather short and tells a story around the one you might be expecting to see, and perhaps this is the way the film from Markus Schleinzer is, either way I think it might be on my list of films to see, although I'll still be nervous entering the cinema.

Here's the full blurb for Michael from TrailerAddict:

Michael (Michael Fuith), a seemingly meek insurance agent, has a secret: he's holding 10-year-old Wolfgang (David Rauchenberger) captive in a locked room in his basement. Chronicling a five month period, director Markus Schleinzer reveals a tense portrait of how seemingly mundane lives can hide the darkest secrets. Michael is a masterfully executed study of a monster with rich cinematic detail and unnerving insight.

Now here's the trailer. The moment of anticipation at the end is a killer.



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