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Netflix launches UK and Ireland service

Netflix.jpgI pointed out that the Netflix application had arrived on the PlayStation 3 a little while ago and while I'd downloaded the application and entered my email address to be informed when the service was live, I've received no such email and heard nothing. Strange as the service is now announced as being live.

The service has been in the U.S. for some time offering a huge array of content, including television, and boasts over twenty million subscribers in forty-seven countries. Now it has arrived in the UK and Ireland it looks set to start grabbing subscribers for a fixed price.

Looking through the various stories and press releases it seems that Netflix will be a mere £5.99 a month for unlimited access, and they have launched straight away with access through the PlayStation 3; Wii; Xbox 360; iOS and Android platforms; Samsung Smart TV; LG Blu-ray players; Philips, Western Digital and Poku TV adapters.

The Variety article pulls together some interesting information saying that the £5.99 (UK) unlimited service, with one month free to new subscribers, has prompted a price drop from LOVEFiLM, to a similar price although their unlimited package is still showing as £9.99 on the website.

LOVEFiLM already has two million subscribers and deals with a number of studios including Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., eOne, Studiocanal, ITV and BBC Worldwide.

Netflix has, according to the article, arrived with deals with Disney, MGM, Miramax, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Momentum Pictures, Lionsgate U.K., BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Presumably still restricted by the UK release window and not offering content that it has over there in the U.S. but not in the UK., although that would be nice wouldn't it?

Although the pricing of Netflix seems fantastic at the moment, there was big news recently as the U.S. customer base saw a sixty percent price rise and a drop in the customer base as they left the service, and the company warnings are that the entry into the UK market will be unprofitable for them for some time, does that mean a price rise in the future? Perhaps.

However for now Netflix has arrived with studios and applications galore. The question will be what is the content offering like? I already see that a number of Filmstalker's have signed up to the service through their Facebook accounts so why not let us know how you find the service?



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