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New Twixt trailer from Francis Ford Coppola

Twixt.jpgHard to believe that Francis Ford Coppola could make a bad film, but from all accounts he has done in the form of Twixt. Strange though since it carries such a strong cast, but the trailer we've seen before for the film didn't look that good, and this latest one isn't helping any.

I'm getting a strange feeling from the trailer that it's a mix between a B movie and a stage play, but I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on how good or bad it really is.

Francis Ford Coppola wrote a short story called Twixt that he then developed into a screenplay and directed starring Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin, Elle Fanning, Joanne Whalley and David Paymer to name a few.

The film follows a washed out writer on a tour of nowhere towns and in one of the towns he discovers a strange string of murders have occurred. One night, before he leaves town, he has a strange dream that draws him to stay and investigate the crimes, aided by the local police chief as his guide.

The film is being released in Belgium and France this April, and this is the reason for this new trailer, but so far there aren't any other releases planned. Seems strange for such a talented man, is his film just misunderstood or is it really bad?

Here's the new trailer for Twixt which comes through JoBlo to help you decide:

Well, what do you think?



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