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Police Academy remake gains director

PoliceAcademy.jpgI hardly thought it would happen, but Police Academy is going to get a remake, well at least a director has been assigned to the project, and with a script already written, it looks like we're going to see an attempt at a restart of the franchise.

It seems hard to believe that this is actually going to happen, especially since the Police Academy series eventually became a pale joke of what it was, although Hollywood comedies haven't developed too far from where the Police Academy films came from.

It was back in March of last year that we heard a remake was happening but there was no news of a writer or a director, just that a producer from the original series was on board for the project and was looking to push the remake forward.

Now we hear from Variety that Scott Zabielski has been attached as the director, apparently beating some much bigger names who were vying for the role, the article doesn't mention who those names are, which isn't anything unusual but I do wonder who they might be. Yes, there is a healthy dose of scepticism in that statement.

The article comments that Zabielski is well suited for the role...

"...having gone through actual police academy training as a reserve officer in West Hollywood."

I did think on first reading that it had said he had beaten the other directors because he had gone through actual police academy training which suddenly made me wonder if they were trying to make the film more faithful to the original idea.

Personally I'm thinking this is going to be more like an ensemble 21 Jump Street with the usual string of comedy that I find rather tiresome, which is a shame since I enjoyed the original Police Academy film.

David Diamond and David Weissman wrote the script for the film and you can look back at their titles for films such as The Family Man, Evolution, Old Dogs and When in Rome, so there's a mixed bag there and to be honest some hope for the script.

The original producer that started with the remake, Paul Maslansky, said back in March of last year that:

"It's going to be very worthwhile to the people who remember it and to those who saw it on TV...It's going to be a new class. We hope to discover new talent and season it with great comedians. It'll be anything but another movie with a numeral next to it. And we'll most probably retain the wonderful musical theme."

You remember the original series and there's no need for me to go through it again, but the idea is that police are urgently needed and the academy is opened up to anyone to enter and complete training, hence the rabble of useless recruits that are received. However when the actual police need help, they turn things around and save the day in their own unique styles.

There was a lot of new actors and comedians on the series as well as some established names, and it seems that this is the direction they want for the remake, but will it work?



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