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Project X trailer looks insane

ProjectX.jpgI'm really intrigued about what the Project X film will bring us and the new trailer has just raised that expectation by showing us glimpses of just how wild the party that the film centres around gets. I do hope that we're going to get to see how the party escalates and gets out of hand, it certainly feels like that from the new trailer.

This is one hand held shot, first person, found footage kind of film where you can totally believe in the perspective being maintained throughout. Not only would you want to film everything, there are going to be hundreds of cameras of all types there, and you would keep filming.

Well if you see what's happening in the trailer you'd definitely keep filming.

Michael Bacall co-wrote the script, and he previously brought us Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, so you can make connections there if you wish, but there's promise of a lot of clever writing in there, although the trailer does suggest this is way more down to earth. Matt Drake also wrote the script and Nima Nourizadeh is directing for the first time.

Here's the blurb for Project X:

Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things begin to spiral insanely out of control as word of the party spreads.

Now watch the trailer and ask yourself if a party really could get this far out of hand, and believe there's more to come from the film. The trailer is over at Apple Trailers and comes through First Showing:

I am in.



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