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Schwarzenegger's Black Sands changes title and genre

EndofDays.jpgOne of Arnold Schwarzenegger's was set to be Black Sands, an action film from the men behind Act of Valor, the upcoming action film that is filmed with real Navy SEALs in situations recreated from real life. All that sounded really promising and it seemed like it was going to be pure action, perhaps returning Arnie to something akin to Commando, but with more guts and reality.

Well not so much now as it is revealed that not only has the title changed, but so has the genre of the film as it has moved from action to the supernatural.

Back in October of last year we heard that Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, the men behind Act of Valor (see the trailer right here on Filmstalker) were set to direct the film Black Sands with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role.

Then it was reported that Skip Woods was set to write the script and looking at the credits he is still marked as writing with Kevin Elders and Sergio Altieri.

According to the reports now the film is changing drastically, and not just in the name from Black Sands to Black Sunday, and Arnie himself told TheArnoldFans through The Playlist and First Showing that things were changing. He said:

"I'm a kind of angel, but I can not currently say more about this film."

There's not much more being said about it but this has definitely leapt from straight action into the supernatural. Is that perhaps because he just can't muster playing the Commando type action star again and is looking back to something like End of Days, which I think was a superb film anyway?

I think he has to go this route, returning to the all action star isn't quite going to cut it as it's not as easy as just staying slim and putting on a vest again, that is if he wants to fall back to his trademark muscle character.

He should either chose films with more story and plot behind them, less the all out action hero film, or carve a new hero path, away from the muscle bound character. This could be where he's headed.



I'd like to see a movie akin to "The Wrestler" featuring Arny, that could be interesting. I'm very eager to see more footage from "The Expendables 2", I get the impression that he'll probably be shooting that machine gun for most of his action scenes.

And I'm still puzzled at how they're going to achieve a new Terminator movie with Arnold as a lead character. I keep thinking they might come up with a CG heavy solution, maybe with a voice over from Arnold?

I agree Vash, a film in the same tone as 'The Wrestler' with Arnold would be nice to see and a great career choice for him. As for a new Terminator movie, who knows? News on a fifth installment has become quiet, sadly.

I'm interested in 'Black Sunday' now, and if its anything as good as 'End of Days' then I'm in. I know 'EoD' isn't brilliant but it's one of Arnold's best in recent years.

Oh boy, End of Days is a good film, made better by the fact Gabriel Byrne is the devil, way better than people give it credit for.

I'm kind of glad that Black Sunday is now more supernatural and less action as I'm not convinced that Arnie can leap back into the action hero as easily as Willis and Stallone have done, after all Stallone has kept in shape and Willis has embraced his older image, can Arnie do either of these things?

I think he has to deliver something different to the action Arnie and films like End of Days is a great direction to go in.

I agree, Richard. I'll guess we'll have to wait and see what he can deliver with his role in 'The Expendables 2', but more importantly, 'Last Stand' - which I must say I'm looking very forward to.

I'm wondering if Last Stand might be his farewell to action and Expendables a bit of indulgence to the past, an indulgence we'll all love, but perhaps the end.

I really enjoyed End of Days too. Watching Arnold play an actual human being was really refreshing and I think he did a great job considering he's not usually much of a dramatic actor. Though this might be precisely why many people shun it so. If I remember correctly, the trailer kind of falsely sold the movie as very action oriented, going as far as mentioning the presence of songs by Guns N' Roses.

And I'm with you Richard, Gabriel Byrne did a really decent job as the devil.


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