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Ferrara casts Depardieu as disgraced IMF head

GerardDepardieu.jpgI struggle to see how a film about the ex-head of the International Monetary Fund and French Finance Minister is going to be an interesting one to see on screen, even though he was forced to resign after an allegation of attempted rape was made against him while he was in the U.S. and a French inquiry was being held into separate allegations of attempted rape.

While it would appear to be someone who has abused their position of power, I do struggle to see where the audience appetite for the film version of the events would be. That is until I saw that Abel Ferrara was set to make the film with Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu.

Gérard Depardieu would play Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former French finance minister and head of the IMF who, it is said, was considering running for the French presidency, while Isabelle Adjani would be playing his wife, Anne Sinclair.

Abel Ferrara was talking about the film to the French paper Le Monde through the BBC where he said he would be making the film with the two stars.

Strauss-Kahn resigned from the IMF last May after he was charged with raping a hotel maid, and while the case was dropped his career was left in tatters. A French writer also came forward and accused him of sexual assault during an interview in 2003, no action was taken however since the statute of limitations had been exceeded and Strauss-Kahn denies all the charges in both cases.

Still his career was over, for now at least, and Ferrara is pressing ahead with the film version of the story, something I would expect to hit a lot of controversy but I do wonder if the film will do well outside of France.

The BBC article reveals that the producers, Wildbunch, have had some doubts about making the film, and quite rightly so as this is legally very tentative ground on which to be making a film, that said Ferrara is keen to move forward:

"I am the director. No one is going to stop me talking about my film..."

That doesn't mean he'll get to make it though. Ferrara is known for his controversial films and a film on this subject matter would surely be just as controversial and perhaps raise the interest of the lawyers of all the involved parties, particularly Dominique Strauss-Kahn's.

He goes on to describe a little about the film:

"In all the places of power: It's a film about the rich and powerful..."

So it would tap into the feeling just now that the media are hyping up of how rich people and corporate leaders are evil and out to eat your children. However I'm still struggling with, even with this director and cast, how it's going to obtain a large audience.



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