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I Am Legend sequel gains writer

IAmLegend.jpgI really liked the film I Am Legend and thought Will Smith did a really good job on it, of course you may be split on the endings that were offered, and if you preferred the feel of the theatrical one then you won't be so keen on the news that the sequel has started development.

There's a writer attached to the sequel of I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and with Will Smith's company producing there's a good chance he could return, as long as the script was as good as Akiva Goldsman's original, he too is on board as a producer.

So far it's sounding as though it could be pushing to be as strong as the original I Am Legend film, although it's a long way off yet.

Arash Amel is the man tasked with the writing job on the sequel according to The Hollywood Reporter, and it's a tough job as Akiva Goldsman, Mark Protosevich and Francis Lawrence all had hands on writing the original and it did really well, not only that but the ending leaves questions about a sequel.

Now I should warn you that if you haven't seen I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) I am about to talk about the ending and the alternative ending, and you should be warned that there are huge spoilers about to appear.

Okay, you clear now? There are really going to be big spoilers, you should force your eyes straight up, close the page, and go watch the film, it is good.

Right, are you sure you've seen the end? I shall continue.

So the question about how they can continue the film is very easy to pose, after all the leading character was very clear about his ending in the theatrical version, he died. So how is the film going to continue?

Well there are three very obvious answers. One is that it won't be with Will Smith's character and we'll perhaps follow the woman as she heads on her journey with the potential vaccine, then we could see a different period of time in the man's life and how the events happened before the film we saw, or we could carry on from the alternative ending released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Okay, I'm not buying the last one, although I enjoyed the second ending equally as well as the theatrical one which took a big chance by going against Hollywood convention. I have to admit I can't quite remember which ending following the woman and child on their journey to find safety because that part felt far too Hollywood for me and I didn't enjoy, it should have been left open.

Still, it doesn't answer what next. Personally I think we will follow the legacy of the man and his work and look to a wider view of the world with these creatures, perhaps examining more the idea of this not being a plague of zombie type creatures but a new and evolving race that would definitely take the idea in a different direction.

How could you see the sequel going, and is there a way to create a decent sequel to I Am Legend?



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